Fly swatters and pirate costumes

Betsy has had too much desk work. It is time to inventory. Time to unpack boxes holding unknown treasures, assign a value to them and repack them in appropriately marked containers for future distribution to nonprofit agencies.

OK, this was going to be a serious post about our professional inventory system, but now it’s about extendable  fly swatters and pirate costumes. Why would you not want an extendable fly swatter?  They were in a random box Betsy unpacked.  And, of course, you cannot avoid playing with such a whimsical but essential tool.  Betsy and Kim think they are designed for dueling like ninjas. Actually, extendable fly swatters are a pretty useful idea but they obviously did not make the cut at the major retailer who donated them to us.

Then, of course, there are the singing hats that Betsy cannot resist. This is a woman who is such a germophobe that she carries anti-bacterial wipes where ever she goes. But she will  not hesitate for a second to put a hat on her head despite the fact that she is ignorant of its previous whereabouts. And how about that pirate costume? Argh, matey.

You know, times are tough. There’s a lot of yuck going on all over the place. People are out of work and will take any job they can get, whether it’s what they trained for or not. Isn’t it nice when you have a job that occasionally requires you to duel with fly swatters and model pirate costumes and hats that play Christmas music? And allows you to sit by the dock door holding strategic planning sessions? And where the proper dress code is flip flops and shorts?

Do not think that we don’t know how lucky we are. We do. We most definitely do.

Fly swatters and pirate costumes

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