Flashers in the park

Cucumbers hide
in a leafy camouflage,
popping out
when you least expect
like flashers in the park.

Lorna Crozier, Sex Lives of Vegetables

We have our first cucumber at the Community Resource Center. Kim found it this morning, hiding under a blanket of leafy foliage. It’s fetching, don’t you think?

We pondered whether to leave it for a passer by, but worried someone would be reticent to dig around on our front porch for the off chance that a cucumber would be laying in wait for them. So we plucked it off the vine. Selfish, but it is the first one and we have invested a lot of time and energy in producing it.

We are thinking of slicing it up and putting it into a celebratory Bloody Mary this afternoon. Just a thumble-sized one, of course. A wee thing. Barely able to hold the weight of a cucumber slice.

Later that afternoon…

We are hard at work at the open dock door. Kim is writing our disaster plan for the Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster. Betsy is writing a grant and I am mixing drinks investigating additional funding. Please do not get the impression we just sit around having cocktails every afternoon. We do not. However, because we are celebrating the first harvest of our community garden we feel just a bit entitled today.

However, we have noticed just a very slight design flaw in our otherwise architecturally perfect new offices. Our project manager, Beth Phillips, failed to design a ledge next to the door leading into the warehouse from the break area for our drinks. It’s extremely hard to open the door with two glasses in your hands. We will have to speak to her about that.

Flashers in the park

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