Fisher of men

DSCN0640“Come, follow me,” Jesus said, “and I will make you fishers of men.”

No, Elder Johnnie B. Webb does not carry around fishing poles because he is fishing for men, or women and children for that matter. He carries around fishing poles because he likes to fish.

“I went fishing this morning, and all I caught was a cold,” he laughed as he pulled up to the dock door at CRC to get some chairs.  Johnnie Webb inspires me. He is the pastoral leader of a small church, Kingdom Vision, that takes care of young and old on the proverbial shoestring. He preaches to youth about the value of the education he never got. Everything is a blessing to him and he see’s the Lord’s generous hand in everything he does.

I think Johnnie may have a special relationship with the guy upstairs. He called me one day and asked if we ever got pulpits donated. Well, not very often, I told him. In fact, never. But you know what? Not a week later I walked into the warehouse and there it was. A pulpit. Johnnie literally did the happy dance across the warehouse when he came to pick it up.

Johnnie has not yet made friends with e-mail  so I call him every month to tell him when the giveaway will start. He’s always here early on the first day and he always asks if Betsy and I need help. “Now you all remember that I’m just down  the road,” he says. “You just call me if you need anything.”

I think we need more Johnnie Webbs in the world. That’s precisely what we need.

Fisher of men

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