First rule: Never say no

If you are a nonprofit that deals in new surplus inventory, as CRC is, the first rule is that you never say no. We didn’t say no to 17 pallets of flower bulbs, although we didn’t know at the time that flower bulbs stored in a warehouse attract an alarming number of tiny flies (that was unpleasant). We didn’t say no to 72,000 candy cane ornaments or two pallets of infant Halloween costumes or 20 cases of ashtrays imprinted with “Rome, Georgia.” There must be a lot of smokers in Rome, Georgia.

You know why you never say no? First of all, if you start saying no too often you’ll be at risk of losing all the other donations you really, really want, like the time a toilet paper warehouse caught on fire and it had to get rid of all the toilet paper, even some that was not at all damaged. Score!

Secondly, we can always find someone who needs whatever it is we have. An agency that serves so many poor people that a couple cases of 3X sweatshirts looks a little like gold. Resin duck figurines for a bunch of Korean war veterans who never get remembered at Christmas.

So, these were delivered today:

Rooster measuring cups

Rooster measuring cups. Five pallets of them. They’re cute. They’re utilitarian. There are a lot of them. But who doesn’t need rooster measuring cups? I mean, really.

Never say no.

First rule: Never say no

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