Excited about toilet paper

toilet paperEvery month or so, I go out to M&M Wholesale and visit with my friend, John. John is a liquidation wholesaler and he sells us a lot of the new personal hygiene stuff and cleaning supplies for our nonprofits. You cannot believe how much it means to our partners to get soap, shampoo and laundry detergent for their clients.  Most people probably don’t know that in Nashville, a lot of poor kids go to school in dirty clothes, with unwashed hair…just the kind of situation that puts them even farther behind because their self-esteem just goes into the toilet.

Which is an excellent way to get to the topic of toilet paper. I was out at M&M one day, just seeing what was new (the man has everything from blankets to candy bars) and there in the corner of the warehouse was toilet paper. Do you know how hard it is to get toilet paper at a good price? For some reason, paper products in general are very expensive. One of the top requests from our agencies is paper of any kind, from toilet to copy.

“You may not want those,” said John. “The rolls aren’t individually wrapped.”

Heck, I didn’t care. I snapped up about 60 cases of it, which John’s mild-mannered driver, Mel, delivered the next week.

Well, you’d have thought it was gold from Fort Knox when our partners came for the giveaway. The next time you’re, ahem, on the throne and you peel off a good wad of T.P. think about the fact that to some people, it is gold.

Excited about toilet paper

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