Every Southern woman

Every Southern woman is supposed to wear funny hats and grow vegetables in the dirt, at least according to the move Steel Magnolias. Betsy will be in charge of the funny hats. Kim and I will get our fingers dirty in the new raised bed outside CRC’s front door, thanks to our super board member, Chip Higgins.

We have the beginnings of tomatoes, cucumbers, strawberries and blackberries. The tomatoes we’ll tie on to the fancy trellis (or green screen, as the architects call it). If all goes well, we will offer the produce to anyone who happens by the building and take any surplus to a food desert where there is no nearby grocery store. If things don’t go well, and I concede that is a possibility, we’ll plant inside the locked gate. But here’s hoping for the best from an idealistic gardener who wants to do as much outside our new building as inside.

So to our passersby, especially at night – give this stuff a chance to grow, will you? You’ll be handsomely rewarded in a few weeks.

Every Southern woman

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