End-of-the-week report

Reporting from the open dock door of CRC while having an iced tea with lemon and a cigarette.

Between the three of us Chicks, we:

Bought Betsy a Mac, which she’s still learning how to use.

Issued invitations to the Open House for all the folks who helped us after the flood.

Set up the Giveaway.

Wrote two grants.

Gave away mattresses, furniture and air conditioners to flood survivors.

Almost balanced the books, still a little more work to do.

Tied the tomato plants to the trellis with knee-hi panty hose.

Dragged the flood goo-encrusted shelving to the parking lot and applied bleach.

Watched storm from dock door while having just a wee bit of wine (while holding strategic planning session, of course).

Swiffered the floor.

Entertained our N.C. furniture benefactors.

Ate barbecue.

A fairly productive week.

End-of-the-week report

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