End-of-the-week report 6/24

Sitting on my deck having a glass (O.K.,  a plastic cup) of wine:

Two big things stand out. We had our monthly giveaway, our last one at the airport warehouse. Goodbye, bird poo, which was increasingly becoming a problem. Let’s just say there are a few CRC things that won’t be moving back to our warehouse.

And we had our open house to thank all the people who helped us during the flood. We had smoked brisket and pulled pork sliders, thanks to Kim and her friend at Normandy Kayak Rental who smokes meat every weekend. We had beer, thanks to Blackstone Brewery. We had Barefoot wine, especially Betsy’s beloved Moscato. And we had really good people, many of whom we didn’t know a year ago.

It was fun. Lots of laughing and story telling. One of our architects, Baird Dixon,  came and so did our contractor, Andrew McAllister. Our really good friends from Hands On Nashville were there and our own personal saint from Welcome Home Ministries, Preston Bailey. Preston is a one-man flood recovery powerhouse. He’s helped countless people not associated with his nonprofit. Just people who needed help.

And John Scannapieco, our wartime consigliere. John is our board president and he’s the one, more than a year ago, who goosed me into getting off my pity pot and on to the business of flood relief and recovery. I was thinking, “Gee, we need to get the power turned off and the phone switched.” He was thinking, “We need to give away stuff. This is what we do.”

So tonight we ate and drank. We hugged each other and laughed. And now CRC’s personal flood story is over. It’s time to hit the damn ball and move on.  But thousands of others aren’t so lucky and we won’t stop talking about them. Sick of the flood? Join the club, but get over it.

But we’re ready, just personally, to move on. In our beautiful space, built with a little help from our friends.

Happy Friday, everyone. Hope your friends are as good as ours.

End-of-the-week report 6/24

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