Elbow grease

People are not exactly lining up to volunteer at the Community Resource Center.

Stuff a few envelopes? Too wimpy. Do a little filing? Not so much. Lifting heavy furniture onto pick-up trucks? Now, you’re talking.

While the chicks at CRC are not ordinarily into heavy furniture and mattresses we’ve embraced the weight post flooding. We’re all about dining tables for eight and coffee tables with massive marble tops. We’re all about any new furniture we can scrounge. and we’re loving new mattresses as much as our McDonald’s $1 sweet tea.

Which brings us to poor Willie Ford, one of CRC’s board members and a big man on campus at HCA. Every year, HCA has a community day in which its employees fanĀ  out across Middle Tennessee and volunteer at nonprofits. Now I say poor Willie Ford because he’s completely loyal to CRC and this year he knew that his volunteer opportunity would involve heavy lifting. Willie’s the one on the left, hauling a mattress out of our stylish U-Haul rental.

And here he is depositing said mattress in a flood survivor’s pick-up truck. Yep. That’s pretty much what Willie did all day long. Load and unload, unload and load.

We at CRC do not take this kind of devotion lightly. Despite the fact that Kim and Betsy pride themselves on being able to lift more than their weight, we do from time to time need actually strong people to help us. So thank you, Willie, for spending a day on the front lines of flood relief with three Chicks who think you’re the greatest.

Elbow grease

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