Easter parade

Oyster Easter is only two weeks away and I have to say one of my favorite things about this great party (which benefits us!) is seeing what people wear. Actually, my most favorite thing is the oysters. So, so happy some people don’t like them. More for me. By the way, if you want to go, hop on the CRC website for tickets.

However, fashion finery is in the top five on the list. So here’s a trip down Memory Lane from last year’s party.

DandiesYou have to love this guy. Pink seersucker shorts, bow tie and straw hat. Very fashion forward. Hats are big at Oyster Easter so if you’re coming this year, get you a big ol’ hat.

OE 4Color coordination is extremely important at Oyster Easter. Note the subtlety of the yellow hat, and yellow bow tie. Nicely done, nicely done.

OEAgain, more color coordination. Note the bursts of pink in all three of these beautiful ladies. Clashing colors are not allowed in photographs, so be aware of this.

OE3More guests who understand the value of color coordination. Spring colors are encouraged.

Okay, you get the drill. Think pink, lime green, perky yellow. Think big hats. If you bypass the oysters on the way to the beer truck, that’s fine with me.

Easter parade

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