Cucumbers reconsidered

Back in May the plants were so small. There were just two of them. They seemed to be struggling for survival. I have never grown cucumbers before and I just didn’t know….that they spread. A lot.

So far our community garden in front of CRC has yielded about seven strawberries, consumed by me, and three blackberries that, happily, were plucked off the bush by a passer-by. Not an abundant crop. But that is about to change. The cucumber plants are flowering and from the look of things, we will have more than enough. Those buggers are spreading like wildfire. They’ve taken to the trellis, but are also inching their way across the driveway to the laundry service next door.

I made the mistake, back in May, of planting a miniature tomato bush in the cucumbers midst. Earlier this week, the cuke plants had almost overtaken it and I had to remove it to the relative safety of the other raised bed where the Bradley tomatoes are doing quite nicely, thank you. We will also have a bumper crop of those. Once the tomatoes come in, if I would only lay out a table in the parking lot with bread, Duke’s mayonnaise, salt and pepper, the whole neighborhood would be here.


Cucumbers reconsidered

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