CRC enters the video age

CRC enters the video age

That Millennial. He knows a thing or six.

So, CRC is participating in The Big Payback, 24 hours of online giving to nonprofits sponsored by The Community Foundation.

It is a production for some nonprofits, to say the least. There are billboards apparently for a few of them. And professionally produced videos. I heard last year that one staffer at a nonprofit literally spent 24 hours straight on social media, Tweeting and Instagramming and Facebooking. And two of those aren’t even words.

The sea is so wide and our boat is so small. We are a staff of two. We can’t afford billboards. And there’s no way I’m going to make Jay Tweet for 24 hours. He has a baby due in a few weeks. He’ll have enough on his hands.

But he did know that instead of spending thousands of dollars on a video we could make our own white board video for a hundred bucks – the fee to join VideoScribe.

So we did it. I wrote the script, Jay put the whole thing together and I did the voice over. And I think it’s pretty darn fine.

There will be more to come, but this one is for The Big Payback and we’re asking for donations on May 3 to buy new backpacks, school supplies, clothes and personal hygiene items for at-risk kids returning to school. We’ve done the program for years, but maybe this year we can make it bigger and better.

C’mon. Give us some love on May 3. There might be bacon in it for you.