Compassion in a retail world

Here’s why I love the Sears Outlet store (better known as the “scratch and dent”) on Thompson¬† Lane. I walk in on Wednesday to buy a refrigerator and dishwasher for our new warehouse offices. A very nice lady greets me at the door and assists me in finding a fridge. Then she says, “There’s a nice young man who is working on commission and I would rather have him complete the sale.” Enter nice young man. Very competent and friendly. He completes the sale.

Thursday, I think better of my originally cheap purchases and go for the gold, or rather the stainless steel in this case. I return to the store and ask another extremely pleasant man behind the counter if I could void my original purchase and make a new one. He asks who assisted me on Wednesday. I tell him the nice young man. “His shift starts in 20 minutes,” the man behind the counter says. “Would you mind waiting so that he could get the commission again?”¬† Not at all. I spend the 20 minutes assessing the many features of every stainless steel refrigerator in the place.

Nice young man enters store and immediately recognizes me. He is not at all irritated that I have completely changed my mind and he will have to void the previous day’s sale. Stainless steel, here we come.

As we’re walking the aisles putting “sold” signs on my purchases, I find out that he is new to Nashville, is in school and working two jobs. Working on commission while putting himself through school. His co-workers undoubtedly know this. He is getting a hand up and he deserves it. Sears, at least the “scratch and dent”, is now at the head of my list.

If you need a refrigerator, stove, dishwasher, TV or anything else that’s brand new with just a slight ding, visit the Sears Outlet on Thompson Lane. And I don’t think the other employees would mind me saying, “Ask for Decarlos.”

Compassion in a retail world

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