Catherine’s underwear

I know I’ll get a lot of porn hits because of that headline. Let’s just see how disappointed they are when they realize it’s not my actual underwear.

Every year, the Chicks hold a School Supply Giveaway for 600 extreme at-risk children. We provide new backpacks, school supplies, clothing and two items that children often return to school without: socks and underwear. That, of course, is unacceptable. So Betsy and I put a lot of effort into finding new socks and underwear through donations or our liquidation wholesalers.

My wonderful group of women friends at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church held a socks and underwear drive for CRC this year, giving me most of the donations at our semi-monthly social event, otherwise known as the cocktail party. There were a few women who couldn’t attend the event, but wanted to contribute. Therefore, this showed up in the church hallway on Sunday:

Catherine's underwearThank you, Wanda Woolen, for creating this tasteful receptacle for my underwear. Many children will return to school with their dignity intact because of the generous donations. And, by the way, if anyone else out there wants to hold a socks and underwear drive for kids who really need those basics, I’ll happily bring a bin that is also labeled “Catherine’s Underwear.” I have no pride. None at all. I just want the goods.


Catherine’s underwear

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