Bring a big truck

Christmas Giveaway 2013 2Yes, folks, it’s that time of year again. The Christmas Giveaway at CRC World Headquarters.

We’ve had a blessed year. It is better to give than receive, but for the Chicks it’s better to receive first. And receive we have. The warehouse was jam packed with what we consider really good stuff – all new, all useful. Well, mostly all useful. We have a couple pallets of paperweights. Does anyone use those anymore? If so, give the Chicks a call. We will hook you up.

Christmas Giveaway 2013So here’s Betsy in fast motion wheeling around pallets of the good stuff for our nonprofit partners to pick up. You know, in the nonprofit world we’re all about measurable results, inputs, outcomes and whatchamacallits. But the only way we can measure the success of the Christmas Giveaway is by an empty warehouse. Who knows how many tentacles reach out from this warehouse to people in need all over Middle Tennessee. If we measured that by the number of items in the giveaway, it would be closing in on 50,000 people whose holidays were a little brighter. Not bad for a couple days work.

Bring a big truck

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