Boy Scout Ingenuity

The Chicks love the Boy Scouts and their completely helpful to The Chicks Eagle Scout projects. A few years ago, we got new shelving in the warehouse courtesy of an Eagle Scout project (sadly, the shelves perished in the flood). And yesterday we got some pretty spectacular raised planter boxes designed and built by Eagle Scout candidate Will Preston of Troop 135 (with a possible assist from dad Brad).

CRC has had a community garden in the front of our building ever since we moved back in after the flood. But we’d always wanted to expand it to a back portion of the parking lot. Yesterday, a gaggle of Scouts arrived to install the planters. More Fortune 500 companies should work so efficiently.


They unloaded the frames from a pick-up truck…


Put together the pieces of each planter box…


Unloaded bags and bags of rocks for drainage and dirt for planting…


Spread the rocks in the bottoms of the planters to allow for good drainage…


Added the dirt…

Meanwhile the Executive Director was extremely busy…


…Playing Candy Crush on the front stoop. Hey, c’mon. It was Sunday…


Here are those boys with the completed planter boxes, very proud of their dirty hands.


Will Preston, you did an outstanding job of providing an important and long-lasting community service to people who don’t have access to fresh vegetables. Tomorrow, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage and collard plants are getting a new home along with lettuce and radishes.

As I said, we love our Boy Scouts. Well done, sirs. Well done.

Boy Scout Ingenuity

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