Bow to King Frank and Queen Janice

It was a great Oyster Easter! The weather was perfect. The candidates for king and queen were on their best game, raising money and having fun on behalf of the Community Resource Center. A huge thanks to Roger Barnett and Patricia Apple, Rob Wagner and Chrystie Wooley, and Buddy Messer and Kim Hunter for their tremendous work on the Chicks behalf. But in the end, there can be only one set of Royals and this year Frank Platt and Janice Jones took the crowns home.

Oyster Easter is people watching at its best. Everyone dresses to the nines. This year, seersucker shorts and bow ties seemed to be the “in” items for menswear, although there were a fair share of alligator-imprinted pants and polo shirts. Sundresses, as always, were huge for the ladies – paired with death defying pumps.¬† The food by South Street was fabulous as ever (how can you go wrong with jambalaya and fried oysters!). Les Kerr and the Bayou Band serenaded us with wonderful tunes. Blackstone and Ajax Turner brought the cold suds, Barefoot Winery provided wonderful wines and a new sponsor, Skinny Girl Cocktails, were a big hit. Cap it off with cupcakes from Dixie Belle’s and it couldn’t have been¬† more perfect day.

Who would have thought the Hula Hoop Contest would become one of the biggest hits of the party? This year, sponsor Brian Ward and former king Walker Shell were the masters of ceremony and they were hilarious. We have enshrined them as MC’s for life. I couldn’t Hula Hoop when I was 5, but some of the 30-somethings and above were rockin’ the Hula Hoop.

And just think. Oyster Easter started out as a kegger with a can of smoked oysters, passed around a group of Vanderbilt students who couldn’t go home for Easter. Now we’ve been voted Best Charity Party by the readers of the Nashville Scene. Thanks to our wonderful volunteers and the Oyster Easter Committee, chaired by Alicia Jones, for a fantastic job. Also a big thanks to my colleague, Betsy Alice Everett, who plans this whole thing with energy and imagination every year.

If you missed this year’s Oyster Easter, put it on your calendar now for March 30, 2013. And, by the way, for all you people who dropped the tops of your Jello shot cups on the ground for us to pick up this morning: Stop it. You know who you are. Don’t make me come after you.

Bow to King Frank and Queen Janice

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