Betsy and FaithWhat’s our favorite holiday? Any holiday that involves hats! Here’s Betsy posing with Faith, who was not quite sure about her giant witch hat but she was all about the stick pony that neighed. Poor Faith. She must think the Chicks are strange, indeed. She comes to visit with her grandparents, Judith and John Jo-Finn, who run the Faith, Hope and Love Ministry. Betsy and I are just all over that little girl, finding her toys, dressing her up, and just generally reliving those days when our kids were that young.

Jim Thaden 2013But dress-up is not restricted to children. We make everyone do it. Here’s Jim Thaden from Discovery Place, which helps men recovering from addictions. Jim’s always happy to put a hat on. By the way, we get all these Halloween goodies from a major retailer and, on a serious note, many kids would go without a Halloween costume without these generous donations. The Chicks can’t stand the thought of that.Betsy and Eva in hats

Here’s Betsy with Eva from Silver Bullets Ranch. She helps developmentally delayed children lead a more typical life by teaching them to ride horses with specially equipped saddles.

Just so you know, every giveaway has a serious component. We gave away laundry detergent, cleaning supplies, socks, personal hygiene items and office supplies this month, items agencies would have to spend their own dollars on that can now be diverted to programs.

But the hats are more fun.


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