Bomb-sniffing dogs

Got your attention, didn’t I?

So, we are happily giving away furniture to flood survivors at the temporary warehouse today when who should arrive but two airport policemen with their bomb-sniffing German Shepherds. No, they did not suspect the Chicks of harboring terrorists or plotting to overthrow the government. They use the warehouse to train their dogs to find bombs and they hid the explosives in our air conditioners!

The process of training these dogs is highly interesting, especially if you are at the warehouse also sorting pajama pants. I should say that Kim was giving away furniture. I had the very important and vital job today of sorting pajama pants. They teach the dogs the particular odor of various kinds of explosives. They call it “imprinting”. And then they train the dogs by hiding the explosives to see if the dog can detect them. If the dog  sniffs out a bomb, he or she sits down.

This is Gina, handled by Officer Ray Pyron. Gina was just delighted to be running around the warehouse, sniffing at couches and dining table

Officer Ray Pyron and Gina

cartons and air conditioners. She found the explosives (and they use real explosives secured in a cardboard box) and sat herself down. Officer Aaron Battle, who was telling me all about the dogs, said they get from seven to ten calls a day at the airport to investigate suspicious luggage or packages left unattended. I am feeling very, very good about the airport right now.

But here’s the part that tickled me. Do you know what the dogs get when they successfully find a bomb?  They get to play with a toy! I would think a 32-ounce T-bone steak would be in order. But, apparently, the dogs are quite satisfied with just chewing on their favorite toy.

You have to love a job where, in the middle of throwing pajama pants in various boxes marked “small”, “medium,” and “large,” you get to watch really dedicated public servants, both human and canine, training to keep us all safe.

Bomb-sniffing dogs

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