Saika Sometimes – actually, most of the time – Betsy and I get way more from our nonprofit partners than we give. Funny how it works that way in the nonprofit world. Nice, that. At any rate, one of our nonprofit partners is Heart of Worship, which maintains a school in Haiti by paying for the children’s lunches, raising money for repairs and additions, and shipping needed supplies. I am told that the average Haitian child only attends school through the sixth grade because they are then expected to work to help support their families. Ninety percent of the schools in Haiti are run by private or church-based groups. So we love Heart of Worship. And once a year, they ask for Blessing Boxes for each child at their school. Once again, more a blessing to those who provide the boxes. My little girl, left in the photo, is Saika Antoine. She’s four years old, the same age as my granddaughter, Sydney. Sydney has everything a little girl could want and she deserves it. In fact, she just got back from Disney World. Saika will most probably never leave her country or even her village. Unless. Unless, she gets a good start on an education and breaks that sixth-grade ceiling. The Blessing Boxes contain a new outfit, socks and underwear, hygiene supplies, a toy or something else fun and a note from the donor to make it personal. I had fun making mine. I don’t get to shop for Sydney very often so it was nice to have another little girl to fuss over. It’s not too late to send your blessings to a child whose obstacles are many and options few.  If you’d like to spread holiday cheer in a different way this year, click here to get more information.

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