Blessing boxes…1,502 miles later

Blessing Box 1

Boom! The big pay-off, not for Cesar but for those of us who were blessed to make Blessing Boxes for impoverished children in Haiti. Just look at that face.

It started last December at CRC World Headquarters. Heart of Worship, one of our nonprofit partners, runs a school in Haiti. Ninety percent of all the primary schools in that country are privately run and the literacy rate hovers around 50 percent. So they have a big job. But, one more time. Look at that face.

Blessing Boxes 2

The Heart of Worship crew put together hundreds of these boxes at CRC and we stored them until they were shipped to Haiti in April. And everyone who volunteered to create a Blessing Box was given a photo of their recipient and asked to write a letter to him or her. So it got very personal on this end. I went shopping at Target and thought the whole time that, under different circumstances I could be shopping for my 5-year-old granddaughter, Sydney. So, of course, I had to have the seven pairs of new socks with each day of the week monogrammed on them. And the cute little tops and matching skirts. And puzzle books. It was fun. And I felt blessed.

But here’s more payback. Boom!

Blessing Box 3

And more.

Blessing Box 4

Okay. One last time.

Carolyn Evey

This is Carolyn Evey with Junia. Carolyn is the heart of Heart of Worship. She feels called to this particular mission and she’s never happier than when she’s in Haiti with these precious children. Yes, there’s plenty of poverty closer to home, but there are problems everywhere that need to be solved. So let’s get to it, people. Pick a problem and go solve it. You’ve just seen photographic proof that it can be done.

Blessing boxes…1,502 miles later

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