Bacon Wednesday: Juicy Lucy

A Juicy Lucy. With Bacon. Oh, yes. Yes, yes, yes.

A Juicy Lucy is two hamburger patties encasing, like a gold nugget, American cheese. Yes, American cheese for its superior melting capabilities. What you do is this. For four people, use a little more than a pound of hamburger. Flatten the meat into eight thin patties. Then take four pieces of American cheese.  Tear each piece into four pieces and position them in the middle of four of the patties. Top with the other patties and seal the edges really well. You do not want leakage.

The burgers can be fried or grilled. I must say I prefer frying them because just in case there is leakage all the good oozy cheese won’t drip down the grill grates.

I must say I have been completely baffled when people ask me what Bacon Wednesday is. Isn’t it self-explanatory? It’s always on Wednesday. There’s always bacon involved. Today, we topped our Juicy Lucy’s with premium center cut Oscar Meyer bacon. The Chicks were working on their strategic plan all morning by the dock door. We needed something substantial for lunch. Oh, did I mention I fried the burgers in the leftover bacon grease? Oh, yes.

Bacon Wednesday: Juicy Lucy

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