Asleep on the job

Betsy and Kim wonder why I never post any photos of them hard at work. They say I always snap photos of them doing silly stuff like imitating fighting ninjas with expandable fly swatters and wearing funny hats that make noises.

So I try to take a serious photo of them assembling shelves. And that is actually a side story. We got shelving delivered for HCA Community Day, but a couple of the particle board shelves were broken. So we called the company for replacement shelves and they sent two new complete shelf sets at absolutely no charge to us. Well, we thought, if were were not the completely transparent and scrupulously honest nonprofit agency that we are, we could just keep calling them for replacements and shelve the whole warehouse!

I am trying to provide photographic evidence of actual hard work performed by my staff. And this is what I get. “Take a picture of us, take a picture of us!” They were pretending to be asleep on the job. Except Betsy was so tickled she couldn’t keep her head down. On a serious note, these shelves replace ones lovingly built as an Eagle Scout project by a board member’s son. They were truly beautiful and only the wrath of the Cumberland River raging through the warehouse could have destroyed them.

And I should also disclose Kim and Betsy were actually doing hard work because putting the bottom panels in the shelves was really tricky and the executive director abandoned her post as ineffective help-mate to go get the camera.

Someday I’ll actually photographically document their hard work. Or not. This is more fun.

Asleep on the job

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