And more volunteers

Now here’s an efficient volunteer. Sydney was asked to sort coloring books and what better way to do that but to get in the box for extra scrutiny. Sydney was one of a group of volunteers who spent their weekend at CRC helping us get ready for the giveaway.

Some of them were Betsy’s friends and others found our website and just wanted to help. Spending your time off in a somewhat cold warehouse going through boxes of gift items and basic necessities may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but we’re very glad these smiling faces wanted to give CRC a hand.

On a side note: Our nonprofit partners are pretty special, too. Today, we were the happy recipients of chocolates in personalized containers, homemade cookies, handmade ornaments, a “drunken” orange cake (oh, boy!) and a sack of sweet potatoes. Betsy and I are truly blessed.

And more volunteers

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