All hail to the silly people

King Pate Young and Queen Danielle DeMott show us the money!

King Pate Young and Queen Danielle DeMott show us the money!

The silly people. If you are not of this tribe, please avoid Oyster Easter. Read the Wall Street Journal on your tablet at some internet cafe. Do not attend this wacky, almost (but not quite) out-of-bounds party.

Oyster Easter was Saturday and even though the weather was slightly cold and almost rainy, we had a fantastic crowd. The silly people care not of potential snow or ice. Some of them showed up in sundresses and stiletto heels. Former King Richard Exton wore his seersucker shorts with his cross-stitched martini belt and loafers, no socks. Yes!

So I cannot show partiality toward any of our king and queen candidates – all of whom were fantastic. Actually, let me pause to name them because the Chicks owe them the world: Pate Young, Dan Stephenson, Albert Hacker, Eric Wiser, Danielle DeMott, Lynda Jones, Danielle Lares-Bouharoun and Becky Lynn Street.

Dan feeds a Peep to a friend.

Dan feeds a Peep to a friend.

But Dan Stephenson, whose company makes gourmet mac and cheese, came up with drunken Peeps. Drunken Peeps! What a wonderful perversion of the Easter classic. How inappropriate. How silly! How Oyster Easter. All the candidates had a signature drink. Those guests who tried all of them needed to move quickly to the buffet from South Street for fried oysters, ribs, jambalaya and hush puppies to soak up all the alcohol.

So let’s just talk about the Hula Hoop Contest.

Hooping their hearts out.

Hooping their hearts out.

And event chair Brian Ward and former king Walker Shell.

There wasn't a dry eye in the house - from laughing.

There wasn’t a dry eye in the house – from laughing.

The first year we had the Hula Hoop Contest (invented by Betsy, Chick II), guests were a little skeptical. Now we almost have to have a Professional Category, there are so many accomplished Hoopers. I will not get into the commentary by Brian and Walker. It is inappropriate. Yet so appropriate for Oyster Easter. Let’s just say that Human Resource managers nationwide would be consulting their employee manuals for a response and there would be nothing listed. I am all about befuddled Human Resource managers.

We are still counting the money. I must admit Betsy and I have to take a couple days off after Oyster Easter. But there are these few things. First of all, thanks to all the guests who did not drop their Jello Shot cups on the ground for the Chicks to pick up Monday morning. We only found one. To the male guest who ripped the hinges off the partition between the urinals in the men’s bathroom, I’d like to have a word with you.

To all the guests who generously supported the royal candidates, thank you. To our royal court, thank you is not enough. The Chicks ability to help our most fragile citizens is directly linked to this event and we are so grateful for the hard work you put in to make our dreams come true.

So, to reprise one more time (because I love the photo): Drunken Peeps. Hic…

Drunken Peeps

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