A serious question

Yes, the Chicks are at CRC World Headquarters busy giving things away to nonprofit agencies in need. But I have a serious non-philanthropic question. My tomato plants suck this year and I don’t know why.

I have noticed, both here at World Headquarters and at home, that strange fungal formations are cropping up in the garden. I have no idea if that’s affecting the tomatoes or not. Everything else seems to be growing exceedingly well. But here’s the sad photographic evidence:

Tomato plantThis is the second set of tomato plants I’ve put out. The first met the same, sad demise. I would ask Betsy about this as her family has planted hundreds of thousands of tomato plants for generations, but she would simply stare at me blankly and remind me that “I don’t stick my hands in dirt on purpose.”

As proof that the rest of the garden is doing well, here are:

StrawberriesStrawberries. Nice, huh?


BlackberriesBlackberries. If the birds don’t eat them, I’ll have plenty for blackberry cobbler.

So, seriously, if anyone has words of wisdom about my failed tomato plants, bring ’em.

A serious question

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