A place for everything

Betsy and NoahWell, I just can’t tell you what a frenzy of activity we had today at CRC as Betsy got to work on organizing her new shelves. It was scary.

When Betsy came to CRC last January, she told me she really loved organizing things. I had no idea what that meant. She doesn’t just love organizing things. It’s an obsession. The first week she was here, she had all the office supplies neatly arranged in her credenza (I just kept them in a box). She had gone through the storage room and placed “like” things with “like” things – that’s a challenge because we have everything from ceramic roosters to baby wash clothes in there, ready for a giveaway or when we get an emergency request for someone in need.

So today she was totally in her element. My son, Noah, was helping out today and he and I went to a place that shall not be disclosed to pick up items that shall not be named from a major retailer who is our best friend but will remain anonymous.  And when we got back, she looked anxiously at us to start unpacking boxes so she could organize her new shelves. Noah got into the spirit of the thing and the two of them just scampered around from boxes to shelves, organizing their little hearts out.

I make light of this because that’s my nature. But thanks to Kevin Higgins, Eagle Scout in waiting, and his family we have these shelves. The precious donations we get for our nonprofit partners and their clients in need won’t have to sit on the warehouse floor any longer. No dust, no damage, and – most importantly – no spiders!

A place for everything

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