A little help from our friends

I promise you I am not on the HCA payroll. But I want to just say that these people will do anything for nonprofits. Within reason, of course. Case in point: HCA Community Day. Once a year, HCA sends virtually all of its employees to one non-profit or another to help out with anything the agency needs. They will stripe your parking lot. They will paint your offices. They would probably give you a pedicure if you asked, but that is not within reason.

Our HCA Community Day volunteers came out to the warehouse last week to install shelving and help us sort inventory that will end up in the Christmas Giveaway. Because of the flood and being out of our warehouse for more than a year, we have a lot of unsorted inventory. A LOT. So a few pairs of extra hands came in very handy indeed. Willie, Jeff, Kim and Evelyn arrived bright and early, festooned in their royal blue HCA Community Day t-shirts. HCA also knows how to brand. I should disclose that Willie is on our board of directors so we’re always pretty sure he’ll be on the crew. That man has always answered the call.

The shelves were assembled. Pallets and pallets of boxes were sorted. The Chicks got to know the HCA folks over a gourmet lunch of sub sandwiches.  And at the end of the day CRC was more organized. There are lots of companies with a social conscience. But I’m not sure I know of one that plays that role better than HCA. It’s at the core of their identity, just as their founder intended.

“Be happy in your community. Be active. There is so much good to do in this world and so many different ways to do it.”

– Dr. Thomas F. Frist, Sr.

A little help from our friends

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