A bittersweet donation

Jesse Jones from the Eastview Church of Christ called us the other day. He had some children’s desks he wanted to donate. I agreed to meet him at the church.

It turns out that he had the furniture to donate because the church is closing. Mr. Jones told me that he had been going to the Eastview Church of Christ in East Nashville for more than 50 years, ever since the church was built. He remembered going to Sunday School in the classrooms in the church’s basement.

But over the years, membership declined. At the end, only 20 members still attended the church, not enough to keep it going. It was kind of like stepping back in time, looking at those desks. They were just like the ones I sat in during elementary school. I imagined the hundreds, perhaps thousands, of children who sat in them on Sunday mornings, learning their Bible verses. Some of the classrooms still had handmade pictures of Jesus taped to the walls.

The desks were put to good use by three of our agencies. Now children are sitting in them once again. And the church will be put to good use, too. The members donated it to an inner city youth group.

A bittersweet donation

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