600 kids

Six hundred at-risk kids are going back to school in style.

Giveaway 2

And let me start by saying that there is no mechanism for taking a sexy photo of the school — or any other — giveaway. It is just not exciting to see reps from all our nonprofit partners gathering up stuff and putting it in boxes. So I thought I’d show you what the parking lot looked like. Jammed. Can’t you just feel the excitement! Not?

But it is exciting to us because we get to send impoverished kids back to school on an equal footing with their more fortunate peers. A lot of these kids don’t even go to the first day of school because they’re embarrassed about their appearance and lack of supplies.

Giveaway 1

So we had lots of supplies on hand, including these classics. Remember these? Nothing’s changed in 50 years. They still look scary. Plus new backpacks, pencils, erasers, glue sticks, and more basic school stuff.

Giveaway 3

And the kids have to look snappy, too, so new t-shirts for everyone. Here’s Kelly Henson picking up shirts for her peeps at Murrell School.

A huge thanks to the Dan and Margaret Maddox Charitable Fund, Publix Supermarkets Charities and the Nashville Predators for underwriting the cost of the School Supply Giveaway.

And here’s why we do this, why this is one of the most rewarding giveaways of the year for us:

Backpacks for school


John Early Middle School 2

Two pictures are worth a thousand words.




600 kids
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