Senior Power!

DSCN0723We have a lot of senior centers that partner with CRC. And one of the comforting things I’ve learned over the years is that all of them are actually run by seniors. There’s probably a politically correct name for seniors now, like “advanced citizens” or “people who are just smarter than me.”  But don’t think they sit around playing bingo (although that would be fun every now and again). This is Marianne Watson. She runs the Perry County Council on Aging and she has the most piercing blue, blue eyes you’ve ever seen. She and her husband, Tom, were at CRC today getting a massive desk set someone donated for her new office.

Marianne is embarking on a major building campaign, renovating an old factory building for a new senior center. That’s remarkable in itself in this rotten economy. But a side product of her project is that she will be putting people to work. Perry County has one of the highest unemployment rates in the nation. More than 20 percent of the county’s residents are out of work.  That sad fact even caught the attention of the New York Times, which published an article about the county’s economic struggles.

Marianne is in the trenches every day, not only serving her clients but helping to boost her community’s spirits. Nice work at any age.

Senior Power!

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