Warehouse duty for the Titans of Industry

The Chicks play no favorites at the Community Resource Center. As the saying goes, in the end the pawns lie down with the kings. I’ve always said if the definition of a nonprofit executive director doesn’t include cleaning the toilets and taking out the trash, then you’re just not doing your job. So if you […]

Packed to the rafters

We had an excellent day at CRC this week. It was almost magical, in fact. One of the great things about being in the “give stuff away” business is you just never know what will walk through the dock door. The first thing that happened on this particular Wednesday is that a major novelty wholesaler […]

The first rule of warehouse management

The first rule of warehouse management is that you only move things once. We learned this the hard way. The idea is that when something comes into the warehouse (and it’s usually large and heavy) you want to figure out where it’s going to sit until somebody picks it up and takes it away. Saves […]

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