Bacon Wednesday: Bacon cheeseburger dip

You just cannot go wrong when Bacon Wednesday involves baconĀ  and Velveeta. There are certain people, uninformed people, who believe that Velveeta is not really cheese. Haters gonna hate. But that’s okay. More Velveeta for the Chicks. Betsy basically made this recipe up after finding something similar on the Internet that involved “beef crumble pizza […]

Bacon Wednesday: Bacon and Pimento Cheese Wraps

It was a highly caloric day at CRC World Headquarters as we combined two of nature’s most perfect foods: bacon and pimento cheese into one yummy, buttery wrap. Betsy makes the pimento cheese according to her grandmother’s recipe, which is totally yummy. And very unusual. Click on over here to get it. This was a […]

Bacon and pimento cheese spread sandwiches

We had a truly revolutionary Bacon Wednesday a few weeks ago. Betsy made her grandmother’s pimento cheese spread. We used it on bacon and pimento cheese sandwiches. I am just going to say that we were happy nobody else was here because we were not up to sharing. I have Googled this extensively and there […]

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