Catherine’s underwear

I know I’ll get a lot of porn hits because of that headline. Let’s just see how disappointed they are when they realize it’s not my actual underwear. Every year, the Chicks hold a School Supply Giveaway for 600 extreme at-risk children. We provide new backpacks, school supplies, clothing and two items that children often […]

Poverty in Davidson County

Nashville is the “it” city right now, the hip cool place to be. Even the New York Times says so. But not very far away from the Bridgestone Arena, cool clubs and trendy restaurants, there’s another Nashville. Some statistics: The median household income for Davidson County dropped from $50,164 in 2007 to $43,556 in 2011. […]

‘Beggars can’t be choosers’

Just a little bit of a rant here. We have practically had “no used clothes” tatooed on our foreheads for the last month. It’s on the website. It’s in every listing about CRC. And yet people persist in cleaning out their attics and trying to dump their refuse on our doorstep in the name of […]

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