Keeping up with the times

You would not think a dock plate would elicit such gushing enthusiasm from the Chicks. In fact, you may not even know what a dock plate is. So let me take you back in time for just a second. Neither Betsy or I have degrees in warehouse management. We have had to learn as we […]

Up-Cycle Nashville

The pallet project now has a name: Up-Cycle Nashville. And we have prototypes! Kim has been hard at work at the Community Resource Center World Headquarters in her well-appointed workshop (folding table holding her tools) and in the outdoor construction area (concrete slab near the back door) creating the first of what we hope will […]

Pallets, people

Don’t you hate it when it’s right there in front of your face and you miss it? It seems like forever that we’ve been trying to figure out a social enterprise model that fits with CRC. Social enterprise = a profitable revenue stream. Moolah. But, as I can tell you from the 134 classes on […]

Not allowed

We have very nice warehouse space for an industrial area. Quiet street, except for the cement plant across the way that sounds a siren every time the conveyer belts rev up to pour cement. Fine dining establishments such as McDonald’s, Wendy’s and the Sonic just up the road. Heck, we even have a lovely view […]

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