office chairs

The bright yellow moving van

When you are a nonprofit school serving extreme at-risk children, sometimes you don’t have the most sophisticated of moving equipment. That’s okay. Come on down, Project Reflect, and bring your school bus. We have chairs for you. Nice chairs. No matter that the emergency door at the back of the bus is barely wide enough […]

Nerds on parade

In our line of work, the thrill of the hunt is finding stuff that our nonprofit partners want and then giving it to them. It’s a good thing to give people what they want. So our warehouse is in a constant state of flux. This is what it looked like in late December, after the […]

The first rule of warehouse management

The first rule of warehouse management is that you only move things once. We learned this the hard way. The idea is that when something comes into the warehouse (and it’s usually large and heavy) you want to figure out where it’s going to sit until somebody picks it up and takes it away. Saves […]

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