nashville flood


Betsy, I felt it important to make you aware of an unacceptable situation today. I had to leave the warehouse for a few hours and left Catherine in charge. When I returned I noticed Catherine had turned on the space heater and moved it to a location more convenient to her. Perhaps in the future […]


It’s everything, isn’t it? If we didn’t know it before the flood, we’ve learned that fact since. I was reminded of it when Rick Freeman came to the warehouse last week. This is the happiest guy I have ever met, flood or not. Here he is with his case manager, Olivia Bolden. His house in […]

The Chicks will be stylin’

We are about two weeks away from being back home. The interior of our flood-soaked warehouse is beginning to look so stylish we will have to dress up for work. Maybe. The first thing you will notice are the beautiful lights in the warehouse proper. And the industrial ceiling. And the very soothing celery green […]

Home for Christmas

I often say that we are privileged to serve because we stand on the shoulders of giants. I felt that in a very meaningful way today as we gave flood survivors mattresses that will allow them to sleep in their own homes again for Christmas. We are able to serve because two very tenacious furniture […]

Let there be dock doors

Not sexy, I know. But we have dock doors, the first outward sign of progress in rebuilding CRC. As you may recall (and if you don’t I will assist you here), the dumpster crashed into one of our dock doors during the flood, rendering it useless. The water in the building corroded the other dock […]

Why things take so long

So, a reporter calls me yesterday. After gracefully beginning the conversation with a bit of innocuous chit chat, she zeroes in on the purpose of her call. Why is flood recovery taking so long? It’s been six months, already. Why is recovering from this flood taking so ‘frickin’ long? I’ll admit I added the inflection […]

Elbow grease

People are not exactly lining up to volunteer at the Community Resource Center. Stuff a few envelopes? Too wimpy. Do a little filing? Not so much. Lifting heavy furniture onto pick-up trucks? Now, you’re talking. While the chicks at CRC are not ordinarily into heavy furniture and mattresses we’ve embraced the weight post flooding. We’re […]

Flood fatigue

Those of us who are making flood relief our number one activity these days are starting to get a little tired. Just a little. And grouchy. Just a touch of that, too. There are several irritants, not the least of which is the fact that many people in Nashville and most people in the United […]


We have plans. They are official. They have an official architect’s stamp from Street, Dixon, Rick. They have been handed over to American Constructors. Beth Phillips, our brilliant architect, designed a beautiful space for us Chicks. We will have a stained industrial concrete floor in the office area. We will have environmentally conscious counter tops […]

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