The best people

Some of the best people who work at CRC never get a paycheck. They have no benefits and and they never ever complain about the lack of either. They’re the work crews from the Davidson County Sheriff’s Department and CRC would have a hard time living without them. The sheriff’s department provides crews to Davidson […]

When good comes from bad

  We realize that this is not going to sound right, but the Chicks ♥ inmates. We also ♥ Sheriff Daron Hall for administering an innovative program that lends inmate labor to a variety of nonprofits that would otherwise have to pay for help. What have our inmates done for us? Well, yesterday when it was […]

The princes of tides

It’s a month after the flood. People are starting to forget. That’s natural. Although there are reminders everywhere you look. Empty businesses, empty houses, giant dumpsters filled with the remains of normalcy. The inmates at the Davidson County jail aren’t forgetting. They are on the front lines of Nashville’s recovery every day. The Sheriff’s Department […]

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