homelessness commission

Making a house a home for the formerly homeless

How’s Nashville, the campaign started by the Homelessness Commission to find housing for the chronically homeless, has had a smashing success rate over the last year, putting more than 500 people into permanent housing. They’ve started holding residents’ meetings to encourage community and they asked CRC for some door prizes to encourage participation. What a […]

Homes for the homeless

How’s Nashville, the community campaign to end chronic homelessness, marked an incredible milestone – the project of the Homelessness Commission has found homes for 550 chronically homeless people in one year. That is truly a landmark. And here’s another great statistic – 75 percent of those people are still in their own home after a […]

Our eleborate inventory retrieval system

Her name is Betsy. In case you were wondering, “we” (myself being safely situated at ground level) were pulling gifts for homeless individuals who have found housing thanks to the Homelessness Commission. During its recent “How’s Nashville” campaign, the commission facilitated finding housing and support services for 189 individuals.

Out in the cold

On this, one of the coldest nights of the year, Judy Tackett will be one of the people out at 12:30 a.m., looking for homeless people who don’t have shelter. The black bags she’s standing in front of hold warm blankets. Judy is the communications coordinator for the Homelessness Commission in Nashville. The commission forms […]

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