Come out of your shell for Oyster Easter

How much fun can you have at Oyster Easter? Just look at the reigning Oyster King Pate Young and Oyster Queen Danielle DeMott. Raising money for CRC Nashville is the most fun you can have in one four-hour, booze-fueled afternoon. Let’s just go through the day, shall we? First, the guests arrive. They are generally […]

Peeps show

Just a brief word to say how much the Chicks love Robin Norris from Catholic Charities. On her own dime, she regularly brings us treats during giveaway days. Today, it was Easter doughnuts from Dunkin’ Doughnuts topped with pink Peeps. I am sure you know the proper etiquette for eating a Peep, but just in […]

All hail to the silly people

The silly people. If you are not of this tribe, please avoid Oyster Easter. Read the Wall Street Journal on your tablet at some internet cafe. Do not attend this wacky, almost (but not quite) out-of-bounds party. Oyster Easter was Saturday and even though the weather was slightly cold and almost rainy, we had a […]

Not why we do this, but a side benefit

We provide new stuff that poor people need and can’t afford. Maybe that should be our new 10-second elevator speech. But a side benefit is that during the giveaways, we are sometimes presented with presents, food and Faith from our nonprofit partners. John Jo Finn and his wife, Judith, brought their granddaughter, Faith, to the […]

Mystery boxes

A more traditional enterprise might call this inventory control. We just call it sorting. CRC is truly blessed to get bulk donations from several major distributors that come boxed like mystery Christmas presents. You just never know what’s inside until you open the box and some of the contents can be, well, silly. Even slightly […]

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