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T minus eight and counting

For me, Christmas always comes early. For three days in early December, Betsy and I give away what will become Christmas for a lot of people less fortunate than ourselves. It is the best three days of the year. This year, smart little button that she is, Betsy did a survey of all our partner […]


Nardos Matusala has been coming to CRC for a long time. She works for a nonprofit, Quality Living, that provides services for people with special needs. I’d always wondered about Nardos’ accent, but until this week I didn’t know the dramatic story that has been her life. Nardos was born in Eritrea, a country in […]

The girls from Bedford County

Mary, Robin, Leta and Joyce are the girls from Bedford County. We just love them. They all run different nonprofits, but they’re all in each other’s business.  Joyce is the heart of Caregiver’s Relief, which helps people who have to take care of relatives with long-term memory issues such as Alzheimer’s. Mary and Leta help […]

Go Eagles!

If you’re in need of a lump-in-your-throat, three-hankie post, this just in from Joan Anderson, an administrator at Project Reflect, one of CRC’s partner nonprofits. Project Reflect, co-founded by Sister Sandra Smithson, just started a middle school this year to pair with its elementary school. 2009 was the inaugural year of the middle school’s football […]

Sometimes we’re clueless

Occasionally things come through the dock door that we just don’t know what to do with. Like the 32 palettes of flower bulbs. Or a giant piece of heavy-duty chain-link fence. We got a bunch of office furniture in the other day, including this odd kind of locker thing. A lot of donations just fly […]

Good ideas for lean times

In a time when nonprofits are asked to do more with less (by the way, we hate hearing that phrase), we need to remember that as the needs of our clients become greater the stress level of our staffs skyrockets. The Center for Nonprofit Management hosts a monthly get together of nonprofit CEOs. Usually, there’s […]

Senior Power!

We have a lot of senior centers that partner with CRC. And one of the comforting things I’ve learned over the years is that all of them are actually run by seniors. There’s probably a politically correct name for seniors now, like “advanced citizens” or “people who are just smarter than me.”  But don’t think […]

Packed to the rafters

We had an excellent day at CRC this week. It was almost magical, in fact. One of the great things about being in the “give stuff away” business is you just never know what will walk through the dock door. The first thing that happened on this particular Wednesday is that a major novelty wholesaler […]

Fisher of men

“Come, follow me,” Jesus said, “and I will make you fishers of men.” No, Elder Johnnie B. Webb does not carry around fishing poles because he is fishing for men, or women and children for that matter. He carries around fishing poles because he likes to fish. “I went fishing this morning, and all I […]

The first rule of warehouse management

The first rule of warehouse management is that you only move things once. We learned this the hard way. The idea is that when something comes into the warehouse (and it’s usually large and heavy) you want to figure out where it’s going to sit until somebody picks it up and takes it away. Saves […]

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