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Oyster Easter: The kick-off to silly season

Nashville is a party town and there’s no better party to start off the season than Oyster Easter. Oyster Easter was started 48 years ago by a guy named Dudley Warner who was a Vanderbilt student at the time. Some of his buddies couldn’t get home for Easter so he decided to create a party […]

Not allowed

We have very nice warehouse space for an industrial area. Quiet street, except for the cement plant across the way that sounds a siren every time the conveyer belts rev up to pour cement. Fine dining establishments such as McDonald’s, Wendy’s and the Sonic just up the road. Heck, we even have a lovely view […]

Looks like a Picasso to us

Betsy and I just love presents. We are blessed to receive, from time to time, sweet potatoes from someone’s garden or a jar of chocolates at Christmas. Our nonprofit partners are like family to us and we’re glad they feel the same. But it’s truly special when we get a gift made by the people […]


Today we gave away socks, really good heavy duty socks. We gave away blankets and we gave away gloves. Della Baker from the Mental Health Cooperative was telling me yesterday that case workers go out to seek their homeless clients to give them something to drink, a snack and a pair of socks. “They never […]

God boxes

It is a bitterly cold day, this first day of the January Giveaway. But the first people to arrive (aside from Johnny Webb, the pastor from Kingdom Vision, who is always here bright and early) before 9 a.m. is John Smith from the Community Outreach Partnership of Bedford County. It’s a brand new organization and […]

Going green…very green

Someone has manufactured a large, large number of extremely large green pants. We were touring one of our partner agencies last week when our guide opened the door to an office filled with boxes of the aforementioned pants. They had been donated. There were not enough large green-pant-loving people for the agency to give them […]

The tree of life

We are the “supply line” to troops battling on the front lines. We like to visit with our partner agencies to see first hand the struggles they contend with every day. Yesterday, we went to the Room In The Inn, a program that serves chronically homeless people. It was inspiring, to say the least. Room […]

Nerds on parade

In our line of work, the thrill of the hunt is finding stuff that our nonprofit partners want and then giving it to them. It’s a good thing to give people what they want. So our warehouse is in a constant state of flux. This is what it looked like in late December, after the […]

What Christmas looks like

We don’t often brag on ourselves, but we got the  nicest letter from the Mental Health Cooperative and thought we’d share part of it. Evelyn Yeargin, the director of advocacy, writes: “The holiday gifts the Community Resource Center donated to Mental Health Cooperative’s consumers serviced around 200-300 consumers. MHC staff was very happy to wrap […]

This is what we want for Christmas

Sometimes when visitors come to CRC and find an empty warehouse, they’re not too impressed with what we do. But an empty warehouse is precisely the point, because if there’s nothing much in the warehouse that means our “stuff”  is in the hands of people who need it. This is what our warehouse looks like […]

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