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The Oyster Easter Army marches on its stomach

With Oyster Easter 2016 in the history books, we’re already looking ahead to 2017. And, of course, all that planning is just friggin’ exhausting so we constantly have to keep our strength up by consuming lots of tasty food. Last night, The Millennial held the first planning party for next year’s OE. Since it was […]

Welcome, City Winery

The new “cool factor” about Nashville is just astounding. First off, there are construction cranes everywhere. The mark of a city on the move. We have a new convention center, new outdoor amphitheater, new baseball stadium, exciting restaurants, craft brewers and most exciting to this reporter – our very own winery. City Winery is a […]

The Big Payback

So every May, the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee hosts The Big Payback. It’s a 24-hour online giving opportunity for nonprofits in Middle Tennessee. The foundation hosted a training session yesterday and I have to say I was pretty darn impressed both with myself for making it through a snowstorm to get there and with […]

Anatomy of a giveaway

The January Giveaway is tomorrow. Yes, I know tomorrow is February 2, but last week there was still snow and we are weenies about that in the South so we postponed it. So basically the giveaways are made up of basic necessities we buy with grant money and surplus inventory donated to us from major […]

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