City Winery

Drunken Easter Egg Hunt

I am pretty darn excited about Oyster Easter this year. It’s updated. It’s jam-packed with activities. It’s the unveiling of the Drunken Easter Egg Hunt. Disclaimer: We encourage everyone to drink responsibly and leave your car at Travellers Rest should you inadvertently get over-served. Yes, an Easter Egg Hunt just for adults who can display […]

Oyster Easter

Even if Oyster Easter didn’t benefit the Community Resource Center, I would still tell you it’s the best party of spring and maybe the whole year. It’s at beautiful Travellers Rest, which right now has the most spectacular blooming Tulip Poplar in all of Nashville. It has a scrumptious Cajun buffet by South Street with […]

Welcome, City Winery

The new “cool factor” about Nashville is just astounding. First off, there are construction cranes everywhere. The mark of a city on the move. We have a new convention center, new outdoor amphitheater, new baseball stadium, exciting restaurants, craft brewers and most exciting to this reporter – our very own winery. City Winery is a […]

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