What Christmas looks like

We don’t often brag on ourselves, but we got the  nicest letter from the Mental Health Cooperative and thought we’d share part of it. Evelyn Yeargin, the director of advocacy, writes: “The holiday gifts the Community Resource Center donated to Mental Health Cooperative’s consumers serviced around 200-300 consumers. MHC staff was very happy to wrap […]

This is what we want for Christmas

Sometimes when visitors come to CRC and find an empty warehouse, they’re not too impressed with what we do. But an empty warehouse is precisely the point, because if there’s nothing much in the warehouse that means our “stuff”  is in the hands of people who need it. This is what our warehouse looks like […]

And more volunteers

Now here’s an efficient volunteer. Sydney was asked to sort coloring books and what better way to do that but to get in the box for extra scrutiny. Sydney was one of a group of volunteers who spent their weekend at CRC helping us get ready for the giveaway. Some of them were Betsy’s friends […]

T minus eight and counting

For me, Christmas always comes early. For three days in early December, Betsy and I give away what will become Christmas for a lot of people less fortunate than ourselves. It is the best three days of the year. This year, smart little button that she is, Betsy did a survey of all our partner […]

The girls from Bedford County

Mary, Robin, Leta and Joyce are the girls from Bedford County. We just love them. They all run different nonprofits, but they’re all in each other’s business.  Joyce is the heart of Caregiver’s Relief, which helps people who have to take care of relatives with long-term memory issues such as Alzheimer’s. Mary and Leta help […]

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