When your emergency becomes our emergency

Just a little rant here because the Chicks are so appreciative of every bulk donation we get. But. BUT. We are only Two Chicks in a Warehouse and one of them has a little age on her. Twice in the past week, someone else’s emergency has become our emergency. It happens all the time. ALL […]

Out in the cold

On this, one of the coldest nights of the year, Judy Tackett will be one of the people out at 12:30 a.m., looking for homeless people who don’t have shelter. The black bags she’s standing in front of hold warm blankets. Judy is the communications coordinator for the Homelessness Commission in Nashville. The commission forms […]


Today we gave away socks, really good heavy duty socks. We gave away blankets and we gave away gloves. Della Baker from the Mental Health Cooperative was telling me yesterday that case workers go out to seek their homeless clients to give them something to drink, a snack and a pair of socks. “They never […]

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