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End-of-the-week report 6/24

Sitting on my deck having a glass (O.K.,  a plastic cup) of wine: Two big things stand out. We had our monthly giveaway, our last one at the airport warehouse. Goodbye, bird poo, which was increasingly becoming a problem. Let’s just say there are a few CRC things that won’t be moving back to our […]

The Chicks will be stylin’

We are about two weeks away from being back home. The interior of our flood-soaked warehouse is beginning to look so stylish we will have to dress up for work. Maybe. The first thing you will notice are the beautiful lights in the warehouse proper. And the industrial ceiling. And the very soothing celery green […]


Yes. I am thankful. More than usually thankful this Turkey Day. It’s been an amazing six months. And even though CRC, the building, was converted into the Toxic House of Poo, most of what’s happened since the flood in May has been astoundingly positive. Let’s just take a quick jaunt down memory lane to visit […]

Why things take so long

So, a reporter calls me yesterday. After gracefully beginning the conversation with a bit of innocuous chit chat, she zeroes in on the purpose of her call. Why is flood recovery taking so long? It’s been six months, already. Why is recovering from this flood taking so ‘frickin’ long? I’ll admit I added the inflection […]

Pretty things… finally

First the flood.  Then the clean-up. Finally, finally we get to the good stuff. Starting over. So Betsy and I are at the offices of Street Dixon Rick Architects. Those are my new favorite boyfriends John and Andrew on the right and my new favorite boy and girlfriend Beth and Baird to the left. None […]

Maybe I’m playing around too much…but

These are my new favorite boyfriends – John Madole and Andrew McAlister from American Constructors and Slade Smith from BEM. If you’ve been reading this blog for very long, you realize that I have been playing fast and loose the last few weeks. I’ve acquired many new boyfriends and one girlfriend who are angels sitting […]

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