a+ storage

Saint Robert

We said goodbye to Robert today. Well, not goodbye. But, definitely, see you later. We moved some remaining inventory out of A+ Storage, our home away from home after the first days in the flood’s aftermath. Here’s how we found Robert. John Scannapieco, our board chair, urged me to quickly find a temporary warehouse. I […]


Yes. I am thankful. More than usually thankful this Turkey Day. It’s been an amazing six months. And even though CRC, the building, was converted into the Toxic House of Poo, most of what’s happened since the flood in May has been astoundingly positive. Let’s just take a quick jaunt down memory lane to visit […]

The kindness of strangers

This may have been the most amazing day of my life, at least professionally. We started out the day with just a flooded out warehouse. We ended the day with a temporary warehouse, an official designation by the Mayor’s Office as the agency to distribute in-kind donations (what Betsy and I affectionately refer to as […]

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