The Oyster Easter Army marches on its stomach

The Oyster Easter Army marches on its stomach

Oyster Easter Planning Party Food

With Oyster Easter 2016 in the history books, we’re already looking ahead to 2017. And, of course, all that planning is just friggin’ exhausting so we constantly have to keep our strength up by consuming lots of tasty food.

Last night, The Millennial held the first planning party for next year’s OE. Since it was an evening affair, there was beer and wine naturally. And tasty snacks like salami, cheeses and house-cured olives. Actually, that’s a lie. We did not cure the olives at CRC World Headquarters. But now that I think about it that might be a nice side venture. We give away stuff and house cure our own olives. You’re so Nashville if…

But I digress.

Oyster Easter Planning Meeting

This is a previous planning meeting starring the Gladiator from Joey’s House of Pizza. Yes, a pizza from Joey’s can star at a planning meeting. It’s about five pounds of pepperoni and sausage wedged between another five pounds of cheese. It takes a crane to lift it onto the table. Excellent planning food.

I am hoping to get one of my grills out to the CRC World Headquarters parking lot so we can have a cook out for the next planning meeting. Steaks, anyone?