The finest in porta potties

The finest in porta potties

porta potty 2

We are already hard at work planning Oyster Easter for 2017 because:

A. It’s always good to plan early.

B. Our planning meetings involve beer, wine and tasty bits to eat.

So the white board is filled with suggestions, inspirations and creative ideas. Such as the air-conditioned porta potty. Or, as they say in the industry, the boutique restroom trailer.

Yes, I am burying the lead, as they used to say in the newspaper business while it still existed as a business. We will be moving to a larger venue next year. We blew out the breakers twice at Travellers Rest and it was clear that we needed to let out our pants, as it were. We’ll let you know the new location later but it will most likely involve porta potties.

I just love me a porta potty. Not. They’re cramped, smelly and after a few hours nauseating (don’t look down). But at the Music City Food and Wine Festival they have boutique restroom trailers and they are quite fine for a portable bathroom.

porta potty

Take a look at the Cadillac of restrooms. Air conditioned, full sinks and a bathroom attendant to keep everything stocked if you want one. In this case, that will probably be me. I know my way around a roll of toilet paper and some hand sanitizer,  let me tell you. They have steps, which may be problematic for some of our guests after a few hours but the bathroom attendant — me — can assist those for whom negotiating three steps is challenging.

We have a lot of new tricks up our sleeves for a bigger, better, more delicious and entertaining Oyster Easter in 2016. We’ve already been through three Bota boxes and a couple cases of Coronas discussing them. We’ll spill the beans about where we’re going in a few weeks but, for now, just look forward to the boutique restroom trailers. I know you can’t wait.